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Regen & Mapper Changes

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Posted 19 August 2018 - 05:54 PM

During this reboot, two significant changes are being made, which involve how regen behaves and how your client constructs maps.  
Passive Regen
Currently, Adventurers regenerate their vital statistics once per Alyrian minute, on the minute.  After reboot, regen will occur every 4 Alyrian seconds, 15 times as frequently, for 1/15th the average amount.  Fractions will be applied in a stochastic manner, instead of rounded down.  NPC regen is currently unchanged.  
This change will allow Adventurers to move around immediately after recalling, instead of having to wait for the tick to move- it will also make playing the game more straightforward for novices, and reduce complexity and
insider knowledge in general.  This is the first step in an experiment, and we want to see how it plays out.  This first step is naive, in that the time translation is inversely related to the amount regenerated, with no other changes.  Due to how regeneration increases at lower stat%s, making regeneration more frequent without corresponding changes to combat might make it slightly more difficult to finish off opponents.  We're playing this by ear and anticipate frequent updates to this system, and welcome any and all input about it.  
Mapping & Converting Your Existing Mapper Database
We made a change to the Mapper DB, which has since been reverted. If you already changed your DB on 8/19, please delete it and use your backup. If you did not, you have nothing to worry about.
If you have any issues, please let us know via Pray or emailing admin@materiamagica.com.