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Blog Post - Duende - 10/17/18 - Halloween, Bosses, Quests & Recall Points

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Posted 18 October 2018 - 11:43 AM


Autumn is well upon us, and like Hannibal in the winter, that inevitably means the defeat of the Demon Armies backdropped by fall colors. Divusmors will be a boss this year, meaning your boss-damage equipment can harm him and you can receive Boss credit for killing him. This year, the Commander of the invading armies has a new set of loot with which to stave off Adventurers attempting to assassinate him.


Divusmors is the newest boss of hundreds, which can be a daunting realization for returning Adventurers. In order to encourage killing a diversity of bosses around Alyria, the psychic old man in Rune has new competition, in the Investigatory Bureau of Tellerium, located near Lord Telleri in Town Hall. Due to their various machinations, plots and criminal empires, the bosses of Alyria accumulate gold periodically, commensurate to the category of their malfeasance- the Bureau keeps tabs on the amount of gold they've accumulated since those bosses were last killed. They also document the amount of blackmail that the Commissioner of Murder likely has on all these bosses, which correlates to the attention paid to those bosses by the blackmail imps- and the Bureau is excited to give you a tip on which boss has a rich treasury or a large amount of blackmail material. Bosses who have never been killed will be sitting on a large amount of wealth, and bosses who haven't been killed in a long time can as well- up to millions of gold.


The Spies of Rahdiyr have experienced some difficulty recruiting Adventurers to pursue detective work and follow vague leads, so they've put in the work necessary to tack down exactly what they need before they send Adventurers out to do their bidding. The Faerie Hotel, Eanoss Azelmar, has long confounded Adventurers turned around by spycraft, espionage and shapeshifting assassins. The spies now provide better dossiers, so that each of the 5 combinations needed to open the Hotel safe, which is the means of reaching the captive phoenix jailed within, is now a distinct quest, administered by a spy in the southwest corner of the Hotel's courtyard.

Although a few pieces of content (the 180 Forgotten Gods' Bonedragon of Arcane) have been added which follow this pattern, this is our first attempt at retrofitting an old run to be more user-friendly, within the quest system, and providing access to a boss at the end.

Recall Points

One of the other changes we're making to quests this reboot is adding a quest to crossing the moat. Instead of using the hermit's keys to descend into the Proving Grounds, a quest is granted at the entrance of the Moat and completed by crossing the moat. The reward for the quest is a 24-hour recall point into the Proving Grounds, so if you die before you're ready to leave, you can descend again without risking ambush by the Hellbent demons. This is another experiment with expiring recall points- after putting it through its paces for a reboot or two, we're considering giving the entrance to the Domain of Arbaces the same treatment.

Our previous experiment with expiring recall points, Inns, were a success but relatively underutilized. We've modernized them to use the same system, which should allow them to behave more consistently and provide Adventurers a greater diversity of travel options.