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An Alyrian All Spirits Eve

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Posted 26 October 2018 - 12:52 PM

Greetings, fellow Alyrians!
As the world of Alyria enters the dark half of the year, join the denizens of Sepharia, Beltane, Auryn, and Avros late afternoon on Friday, October 26th as they celebrate the cycling of the seasons...  See the Druids of Xaventry as they allow their ceremonial solstice ritual to be viewed by outsiders in an extremely rare event...  Guard the land from the evil that seeks to enter when the veil between worlds is thinnest...  Help spies strike at the very heart of the demon encampments...  And when you're done (if you are still alive), go trick or treating!
As a reminder to those from other planes of existence, Alyrian trick-or-treating traditions differ from other realms, with the giving of treats considered a privilege and costumes are obtained from trick o' treating instead of being worn during it. 
Six armies have invaded our peaceful realm.  The townes of Tellerium, Sigil, Rune, New Rigel, Pirates Cove, Decara have all been affected.  In each towne there is a General who, protected by the evil powers he serves, sends his minions to wreak havoc in the land.  You must help destroy these creatures of the dark, and protect our land!  
Ravens fly throughout the realm, carrying messages to the armies.  Kill these dark birds and you will gain information on how to find the Overlord. If you are strong of heart and mind, journey to the Druids and return to them the items needed for their ritual and you will be taken to kill the evil fiend who has masterminded this attack.  The location of their ceremonies each year is secret, but some careful sleuthing should produce results.  
Regardless of your strength or skill, all adventurers are needed!  Journey to the invaded towns to find the evil minions who do not fear you.  Slay them and reap the rewards!  
LEVEL GROUP: ARCHONS Located in Decara
LEVEL GROUP: 181-240 Located in Pirates Cove
LEVEL GROUP: 121-180 Located in New Rigel
LEVEL GROUP: 61-120 Located In Rune
LEVEL GROUP: 10-60 Located in Sigil
The All Spirits' Eve Global begins in the late afternoon of Friday, October 26th.

I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.