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Blog Post - 12/18/18 - Quests, Clans, PK, Ships

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Posted 19 December 2018 - 07:26 PM

You'll get more news soon about the Yuletide global. We plan to have a reboot between now and then, which will add a host of new things. Reunion day is the afternoon of the 19th, 6pm-midnight system (CST) time. All category 5 bosses killed during Reunion nights will drop an action figure of a current or past archon. If that archon logs on and receive their action figure, they will receive 100 practices. Everyone will have something to look forward to, as all Archons will receive double AP for kills, during Reunion night.

We'll be rebooting soon, and it's been an action-packed couple of months. Tomorrow night is the 19th, which means reunion night, for which we've written a few surprises. We'll also be doing some special system events on the evening of December 23rd. We have a bunch of unannounced features arriving with reboot, which will focus around a couple of thematic cores.


Quests have gotten some interesting new functionality, part of which is redefining what a quest even is. 'Tutorials' are a new type of quest, which emphasize clarity and repeatability. Tutorials will be administered not by questmasters, but by the Marks that they eventually grant. MARK INFO AVARICE will note that it can be obtained by quest #3184- along with a clickable link to QUEST UNDERTAKE the quest, directly from the mark info. The tutorial quest starts at the mouth of Dungeon Avarice, and provides an explicit, 33-step walkthrough from start to end, to kill the Dracolich. By the end, the Adventurer will have killed the Dracolich along with their formation, and received the Mark of Avarice for their trouble. As there is no questmaster, the quest will complete automatically upon finishing the final phase, granting rewards directly.

Tutorials available upon release include Yourban, Seriende, and the Dracolich, along with new marks for each. the tutorials can be undertaken at any time, independent of whether you've already received the mark from it, just in case you need the steps again. This system is promising and engaging, and we look forward to expanding it.

QUEST UNDERTAKE is the new command to start quests directly, without needing to deal with a questmaster. Daily quests will be part of this system, so if you somehow lose your daily quest before you can complete it, you can re-acquire it from HELP GAME STATUS. Rewards from undertaken quests are granted automatically, without having to return to a questmaster.


We mentioned it last year [NEWS 315], but clan heirs are coming. Clan heirs provide a way for active clanmembers to take over a clan that they've been keeping alive. Only one member of a clan can be an appropriate heir at a time, if they meet the following conditions: (1) no owners have logged on in the past year (2) no members of a higher rank have logged on in the past year (3) no members of an equal rank, who are also more senior (higher on the clan list) have logged on in the past year. If you meet all of these conditions and wish to inherit your clan, simply CLAN INHERIT and the system will grant you the rank of leader and full permissions.

We recovered data from all of the hard drives from the game servers in use between 2001-2012, and made some interesting discoveries. (Spoiler: Not 3.2) Among them are a snapshot of all clans, one from 2001 and another fro 2007. We're figuring out how to best preserve this history, and hope to have some sort of announcement soon.


The Alyrian community is too senior and too friendly to risk pissing people off by PKing them. It's great that we've got that sort of sociability and external friendliness, but in a community that's both large and at least partially built on the affability provided by communal murder, that may not be universally desirable. We're going to experiment with some changes to provide an outlet for anonymous killing, and we'll see how it pans out. Players have a new settting, SET SHOW-SHIFTED-RESTRINGS; turning it off will make it so that while shifted, your restrung items will appear un-restrung, removing the traceability of customized items. Evading identification works until you actually finish off the PK- however, when the PK kill is recorded in Gossip, if the killer is an Outlaw, their name will now remain hidden. Adventurers don't have to grind their own reputation down, and can simply SET OUTLAW to drop their reputation to -50. All reputation requirements on items have been removed, to avoid any unintended consequences.


Captains will have the option of buying two new ship upgrades for some boat models- stealth sails will hide them from SHIP SCAN and WHERE (Junk and Corsair only), and elongated holds will double the item and weight capacity for all cargo (Dromond and Galleon only). There are a few new shop subcommands used at shipwrights, conceptually similar to MEMORIZE DEFAULT, which will continue to make restocking your ship between pirate runs more straightforward. SHOP CARGO LIST will display a list of all of the resources that you can purchase from a resource trader- SHOP CARGO DEFAULT will let you set how many of a type of resource you will buy up to from that trader, in order to get correct the ratio of powder/cannonballs/etc in your hold- and SHOP CARGO BUY will buy all appropriate inventory from a resource trader, per your default cargo list. As we slowly lumber towards Materia Magica 5.0, we'll look forward to polishing this and additional features for ship convenience and accessibility.