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Blog Post - 6/19/19 - Buffs, New Race, Immortality

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Posted 19 June 2019 - 06:49 PM



We're excited to announce some of the first 5.0 changes you'll see, which are coming in the next reboot. We'll be upgrading to server version 4.99- not quite 5.0, but not not 5.0 either.


Class buffs


We keep banging this drum, and one of the big initiatives for 5.0 can be summed up as "more, better, and done right the first time". Nerfs are frequently necessary to maintain balance, but buffs are more fun to play with. With that in mind, most classes will receive buffs, with racial buffs likely coming in future reboots.


* Paladins' new 'fearless' spell now grants +holy-melee-prcnt.

* All no-mount rooms have been removed from Decara, Hellbent, Hotel Hello, Kessarian's Dungeon, and more.

* Knaves' 'raise dukes' now can be used with all short-range weapons, and grants +skillpower to that weapon type.

* Rangers' 'forage' has been rewritten to always provide rangers with what they need- lockpicks, reagents, grappling hooks, and more.

* Shamans' 'beacon' now grants +sunlight-spell-prcnt, making them significantly harder to blind. Heal now has a skillpower.

* All this and more should update numerous less-loved skills and provide more avenues for success and interesting game interactions. We plan on buffing most races next reboot.


New Race


There will be a new race added in 5.0- we're happy to announce the discovery of Sporefolk. These humanoid, sentient mushrooms have emerged from their Underground habitats only recently, and we're still learning about them. They have a very distinct flavor, if you will, and provide a different experience from all other races currently known to Alyria. We'll announce more when we get closer to get reboot, but you can currently see more on HELP SPOREFOLK.




Level <90s faeries can now easily and predictably access the Faerie Plane by visiting their home's diplomatic missions in the Unseelie and Seelie castles, Lowangen and and Tellerium, and traveling through the static portals located there.


When adding someone to your notify list, you can specify why; "notif borges he owes me 20M gold" will show you that reason when you do NOTIFY LIST NOTES, and now also whenever Borges logs on.


Returning players' maximum locker fees now cap at 1 month out-of-date instead of 3, incurring a maximum of 2 months worth of locker fees. In addition, 'locker info' at an expired locker will tell you how much stuff is stuck in there.


Help entries are now easier to traverse; "help _search <search term>" will list all help entries with the matching search term, and "|Chelp _filter <filter term> <help topic>|X" will show the matching lines from the specified help topic.


When purchasing multiple reagents from a shop, it will put as many as possible into your silk reagent bags. To top up all of your silk reagent bags at once, you can do "shop reagents". If you want to write a plugin for your client to keep track of this, we've added the command '|Cprotocol gmcp sendreagents|X'.


We've removed the archaic 'clear' command. If you want to voluntarily clear beneficial spell affects from yourself, you can now do 'affects clear <affect name>'.


Complex subcommands can be hard to remember, so we've added some new shortcuts- "tutorial" will show you all of the tutorial marks; "missing" will show you the equipment slots where you're not wearing anything; and "follow" will form follow someone.


There are sort of a lot of commands, and they have lots of subcommands, and not all of them are immediately self-explanatory. If your client supports MXP and it's turned on, the 'commands' command now links to each command's respective help entry.


Dying in the middle of a run can be inconvenient for you and a cascading death sentence for the rest of your formation. To make this easier, your formation no longer breaks up when you die. This will make the worst-case scenario a little bit less worse, so while you still die, your survivors can pick up the pieces more easily.


Moving with your formation can be tricky, especially if you've been together a while and your buffs are wearing off, or you have debuffs you need to cure. With that in mind, moving cancels your spellcast.


Reagent keys are somewhat expensive and long-lasting, at 42RU for 1.5 years of utility. We respect peoples' time is valuable and they can't guarantee they'll get their full 550 days of use out of it, so we've rebalanced their cost and duration. They will now last for 90 days and cost 5 RU (an increased value of 40%) and can be renewed for the same amount.


Music typically requires a lot of RL memorization or reliance on aliases, which are an important resource we don't want you to waste. With that in mind, you can now "play <song name>" instead of having to play the actual notes which correspond to that song.


Immortal Residencies


We're proud to announce immortals residencies for summer. This is a new program, where mortals may apply to become an immortal for July+August. These positions will specifically seek to address issues of that immortal's choosing, with goals, metrics and a stipend. Mortals who wish to apply to this program have one week to submit proposals for until 6/27/19. Proposals should include what specific additions/changes you wish to make, why those changes are desirable, and how many hours you estimate it will take you to make those changes. We advise anticipating spending about 40 hours a month, so 80 hours for a full residency period- partial periods are fine as well. Proposals may be made via wish lamp (available at healer shops), cannot be voted upon by other mortals, and are private, to be read only by the Immortals.


As a guideline, "i want to flesh out all 8 pirate hideouts, with new exp-focused content for third classers like <...>, and 20 new quests pointing to them" might be a 25 hour project, "the knights in the coral keep should have more to do, specifically <...>" might be a 3 hour project, and "i want to write a summer solstice global where superpowered kells pour out of Sumter, using the mechanics <...>" might take a full 80 hours. "the list of spells on help damtype doesn't have much of <...> damage, i want to come up with 10 powerful new NPC spells" might take 5 hours.


We've spent the past 5 years that we've been back creating deep, robust systems which are ready to really get fleshed out- I estimate that we could literally quadruple the amount of content in the game before needing to write new code to support additional features. We don't know what you're going to come to us with, but we're looking for novel, unique proposals that demonstrate a deep comprehension of existing game mechanics and a good grasp of the general direction the game is heading in for 5.0 and beyond. Immortals accepted into this program will receive instruction and oversight while working on their projects, and will be paid $500/month. Our current rate of donations doesn't cover this, so we have space for two candidates, and are eager to see what projects you want to see and take responsibility for.


TL;DR- Come up with a proposal of what you would want to do as an Imm. Come up with an idea we want to sponsor and we will pay you to become an Imm and implement it.