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Blog Post 7/22/19 - Sporefolk & The Sigil Underground

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Posted 22 July 2019 - 10:43 PM


The sporefolk are clawing their way to the surface after millennia belowground, and the denizens of Alyria are starting to take notice.  

The sporefolk are somewhat alien to Alyria- they historically eschew Adventuring and making a big fuss, instead preferring to live quietly in communes in their remote corners of the Sigil Underground.  However, things are changing, necessitating a change- and the Sporefolk, as the altruists in a hostile environment full of troglodytes, huaka, sahuagin, and eyeball demons, are rising to the occasion and the surface.  

Their presence has spooked the more backwards folks of Alyria- they are not really humanoid, nor even mammals, nor even animals, but a new classification altogether.  They reproduce by budding en masse, and sporefolk have little use for sexual signifiers such as gender.  The sporefolk have a unique biological niche in their native environments; they are the apex lifeforms within the Sigil Underground, but not as other species understand it.  They dominate not through violence, but by collective acclamation and demonstrating the superiority of their approaches.  

Sporefolk have never latched onto primitive beliefs because they do not require them for emotional or cultural support, because they are entirely self-sufficient on their own.  As such, they are capable of pursuing any professional endeavor they wish.  Out of respect for other peoples' conceptions and biases, they avoid situations that would force others to deal with belief systems they might be intellectually unable to understand. Sporefolk do not follow religions or use religious spells, nor do they become classes which implicitly assume the existence of gods.

Class availability:
     Mage: Wizard      Psionic     Ranger
  Warrior: Barbarian   Valkyrie    Cavalier
   Cleric: Druid       Witch
    Thief: Rogue       Bard        Knave

Sporefolk life focuses around extended family units, which can range from small villages to subterranean metropolises- Sporefolks' sporeclouds can emit thousands of children in a single burst.  Even for sporefolk, the terrain and neighbors within the Sigil Underground can be treacherous, so they utilize sporeclouds to travel around the wilderness.  If they do find themselves ambushed by a coven of huaka destructomancers, they are capable of regenerating where they fell, by germinating spores left behind on a nearby corpse.  As a last resort, they are even capable of fighting back with fungal growths, which almost work symbiotically with the poison damage they emit from their limbs during hand-to-hyphae combat.  But their historically pacifist ways have always been their stand- by, permitting them to wind walk away from danger.  

They have always avoided the surface, due to the natural reduction in efficacy they suffer as a result of sun spots, and a natural disinclination towards humanoid society.  But surfacing is now a mandate, regardless of the repercussions to their societies and social structures- because new dangers are emerging around their homes, and their only option is to enlist help to go up against the dangers of the...



It's not that the Ithrix were the only race capable of interdimensional transport, but that they were the only race selfish enough to do so.  When the sages of Ilandrama said that replicating that functionality was "impossible", that may have been a little white lie which should have been "would be colossally irresponsible" to replicate.  

Every time an Ithrix jumps through a tear in reality to ambush an inattentive Archon, that tear in reality stays torn.  The sporefolk have spent 4 decades watching the cavern ceilings above them slowly tear more and more, and recently, something changed.  Tens of thousands of those tiny, man-sized tears in reality all converged, and the mycellium network reports that there is now a tear in the sky stretching hundreds of miles.  And it is a tear in the sky- the cavern ceiling, which should be the underside of the surface of Alyria, now looks out directly into space, an overwhelming, terror-inducing view of the rest of the universe.  

The Ithrix have not stopped, and the world does not appear to able to heal itself.  The tears are growing.  The rest of the Sigil Underground, the sheltered hermits, the quiet frontier towns, the dangerous people past the edge of civilization- they will all have to deal with the changes to their world, and the sooner the sporefolk can convince them to open themselves up to help from the rest of the world, the better off they'll be.  


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