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Clan tax pardon (donation item)

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#1 Taliesyn


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Posted 08 August 2019 - 06:51 PM

Would be nice to see a donation feature that would pardon clan taxes for those of us that can't be on for a while


I don't want to lose my clan...and just started it back up again a few months ago. Things came up and whatnot....but would still like to get back into the game when I can....


Perhaps like a "pause" feature for taxes on a clan or something? Or even an RU item that would fill the clan tax for each month purchased....discussion of cash cost for the amount is obviously up for debate.


Not sure how it would work exactly......but something along those lines.





#2 Iyara


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Posted 09 August 2019 - 10:44 PM

Already done:
social clans - clans
 In the event that a clan has gone too many months without paying their owed taxes,
 the system will automatically convert the clan to a social clan. This change is
 PERMANENT and cannot be undone by players or immortal staff.
 When a clan is converted to a social clan, the clan will lose access to its
 clanhall and the clan's vendor shop, if it has one, will immediately be
 removed and any items in the shop's stock will be dropped on the ground.
 Additionally, the clan's max members will be set to 28. Existing clan
 members above this number will stay in the clan but no new members may be
 added to the roster.  Clans that have less than 28 members may add new
 members up to that number.  Roots can be deposited but cannot be
 transferred to other clans or used to pay outstanding taxes or used to
 leverage the clan out of social status.
 While this kind of clan status allows players to converse with each other,
 it does not provide any of the benefits of a clan.  Social status clans
 will no longer be deleted as inactive clans have previously been, but
 this status cannot be removed and is permanent once the clan has been
 converted to social.

I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.