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Fantasy writing game skills for Psion.

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Posted 18 August 2019 - 05:10 PM

I am wondering if coming up with some fantasy ideas for Psion might prove interesting and desirable for the Materiamagca  theme. So been thinking of this for a long time pertaining to psion. Thinking of adding a new psion skill or spell based on ESP and mind over matter. Esp can be various mind tricks for the psion class.


Mind tricks may allow for a range of spell like abilities for a psion character. Some ESP spell skill abilities may be  a Wizard Eye ability or a version of magic map. Possibly the blink ability that is fairly easy to use.



 Enhanced combat senses that will improve the psion's abilities in combat increasing attack accuracy and defense rations. 


Mind sight that would give the ability similar to blind fighting and possibly to see an ajasent dark room with room description.


Esp scan that would be an enhanced wilds scan used as a skill when esp is in affect. 


Mind sense that will allow a psion to see hidden and  or invisible mobiles and characters. 


  Mind over matter close wounds to allow for quicker hp recovery for a psion character. 


I am thinking of stuff that is more aimed at a fantasy environment while staying clear of other games implementation of psion.