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Social Clan

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Posted 21 November 2019 - 10:52 PM

So...I understand the gist of it, however.....I feel that it could be improvised.....
I am very appreciative of how clans have been allowed to be brought back...(deleted clans), especially after the whole: get rid of taxes...bring taxes back thing.
With my financial status currently though, I need to downgrade my data package on my cellular service. So I told myself: lets just get back into MG. This would be a time filler for me....not going to sugar coat it. This is something I can play on my data plan, and enjoy. 
I am SUGGESTING: an RU purchase to reinstate a social clan. I propose at least $100 bucks to bring back a social clan to normal status....plus the cost of roots....once a dollar to root amount is figured. Not asking for roots to be easily accessed through RU. Something like this could incur a charge of RU that would be enough to help detour someone from abusing the system.
As of 11/21/2019 I am showing this: Your clan has not paid its clan taxes in the past 4 months and is in danger of being deleted.
Your clan currently owes 2268 clan gemstones in clan taxes. 
So for that 2K+ of roots should incur a charge as well.. So maybe something like: $22.68 plus the 100 to reinstate....
100 should be the initial to reinstate a social clan...and then add the amount of roots....by the tenth...(if I am math-ing correctly)...and this should be non negotiable when it comes to reinstating. 
Not going to lie...I am asking this cause I want to eventually get my social clan back to normal again...and am willing to put RU to it. 
Help File:
social clans - clans
 In the event that a clan has gone too many months without paying their owed taxes,
 the system will automatically convert the clan to a social clan. This change is
 PERMANENT and cannot be undone by players or immortal staff.
 When a clan is converted to a social clan, the clan will lose access to its
 clanhall and the clan's vendor shop, if it has one, will immediately be
 removed and any items in the shop's stock will be dropped on the ground.
 Additionally, the clan's max members will be set to 28. Existing clan
 members above this number will stay in the clan but no new members may be
 added to the roster.  Clans that have less than 28 members may add new
 members up to that number.  Roots can be deposited but cannot be
 transferred to other clans or used to pay outstanding taxes or used to
 leverage the clan out of social status.
 While this kind of clan status allows players to converse with each other,
 it does not provide any of the benefits of a clan.  Social status clans
 will no longer be deleted as inactive clans have previously been, but
 this status cannot be removed and is permanent once the clan has been
 converted to social.

Whatever it takes to implement this sort of idea...I am down with. Input is appreciated.