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Blog Post - 12/30/19 - 2019, 2020

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Posted 03 January 2020 - 04:26 PM

It's definitely been a year. 
2019 continued the Alyrian trend of taking existing content and systems and
making them a little bit friendlier, a little bit more usable, a little bit
more responsive.  We're all adults and we're here to have a good time, and
removing and polishing the parts which are obstacles to a good time make it
a smoother process to get to the many fun parts of Materia Magica. 
There have been a lot of mechanical changes- most recently, making all
weapon types more attractive and more balanced against each other, and
giving bosses their own weapons in order to participate in the fun.  We
added more tutorials, to help people who might not be familiar with the lay
of the land or forgot it during time away.  There are more 'where is'
destinations, because getting lost in a populated town isn't much fun.

Memorizing song notes was never going to work out, and monopolizing a bard's
alias list is a waste, so music can now be played with the title of a song.

It sucks to have a long streak of failing to dig up or find something you
know is there- so there's a discovery bonus the longer you persist. 
I'm not as good as I should be at crediting people when they make good
suggestions that we end up implementing, but these and a hundred other
suggestions came from the playerbase, through prays and questions on Novice
Clantalk and game balance discussions in #troll.  There are still tons more
ideas that we haven't had the bandwidth to implement yet, but that we want
to do in the future, or plan on working on when we have the resources to do
so.  A lot of our work is spread across big changes which make the world a
better place, like adding Locker Gateways which make the server faster, and
Condos which allow us to offer housing without having to manually expand
realty areas every 6 months.  A lot more of our work is spread across little
improvements which make the world a better place, like making Bazaar vendors
cheaper and making the in-game time and worldgates always be visible in the
Time command. 
Our goal is always to make the world better, and use the resources available
to us as efficiently as possible in order to achieve that.  With that in
mind, we'll be taking applications for Immortals in January- we'll have a
news with more details when as that becomes relevant.  It's a paid position,
and although this isn't quite the audience for that, we prefer retired
Adventurers for the position, as it can get conflict-of-interesty to have an
active mortal and an Immortal simultaneously.  If you know of any friends
who know Alyria well and would appreciate a part-time job writing or coding,
keep an eye out for further information. 
We had an immortal meetup in Florida a few weeks ago, sketching out plans
for the next bit of Alyria's future.  We're already well on our way creating
and releasing 5.0, and while we promised some upheaval and milestones
changing things up, a core element of this creative process is also times of
rest, to regain our energy and critically evaluate where we are.  With that
in mind, we'll have one or two more significant reboots, and then cool off
on the big changes for a few months.  We'll take that time to work on big
systems with interlocking pieces, as well as working on a bunch of new
content that will drive those systems- ideally with the help of the new
Immortals we seek to recruit.  As mortals, you'll be able to take a breather
to figure out and study the new systems already released. 
To help provide incentives before a bunch of new bosses and marks are
released, we're going to sponsor a PK tournament, roughly scheduled for
April, with details TBD.  We're providing a long lead time on this because
we know a lot of people have fallen out of PKing shape, and need some time
to re-hone your reflexes, figure out relevant mechanics, and optimize your
equipment set.  We also want to take this opportunity to tighten up any
imperfections in the PK landscape, so feel free to bring up any PK tactics
which are more cheesy than fun, or skills which are normally fine but might
be imbalanced in PK.  To demonstrate our interest in encouraging PK and
getting it really well-tuned, the prize for the Archon victor will be a 5th
5.0 will be completed later in 2020, and we're looking forward to taking
advantage of it to continue keeping Alyria as fun as we can.