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Dolphins as a new land and water based Race

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Posted 21 June 2021 - 10:40 AM

 So thinking about adding a hybrid dolphin humanoid race to MateriaMagica based on either a magical created or a hybrid dolphin humanoid race with various traits that fit into the MateriaMagica fantasy setting. So the main things will be that the dolphin "?" race will be able to breath on land and hold there breath underwater for a fairly long period of time but will have to automatically or manually surface to breath and reset the underwater timer. Another aspect would be that the dolphin hybrid will have a sonic blast that would work on land and water but will be highly boosted in water. As for racial bonuses the dolphin could have a bonus to psionic abilities and even possibly have some psionic abilities as a racial bonus. Also they would be able to swim very quickly even possibly be boat like in there ability to swim from one area to another.  


 As for appearance the would be humanoid with grayish skin and possibly have lost there fin. They would have normal humanoid legs and arms and there underwater travel would be a sonic, psionic ability. 


 Such a race may prove to be very fun to play