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Psionic telekinetic infused whip skill - spell that requires a whip.

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Posted 21 June 2021 - 03:23 PM

 What do you guys think of a psionic spell-skill that telekinetically infuses a whip attack for added spell skill like attack for Psionics. This would require a duration spell as well as needing to have a whip equip to initiate this attack for a period of time and may be triggered by using the whip command. The benefits may be that though it will require an initial casting to initiate the ability to use this attack in combination of a lower spell points and possibly use stamina also. This would be useful for when a player is running low on spell points. Also the attack would be a quick attack between combat rounds and possibly may possibly be triggered a couple of times a combat round. Also as for the attack damage would not do huge damage but may possibly have telekinetic damage for defense ratings.