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About a new skill prof that I would like to see called focus for Psion and monk.

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Posted 18 September 2022 - 10:41 AM

Hello I was not playing Psion or Monk but had an idea for a new skill prof or spell as another option, This skill prof would be possibly called focus and works similar to the skill prof charge in the way it kind of works, thought of this before I learned how charge works but the back end code for focus is already in game. Now Focus would work in that when used it adds a enhanced damage attack but the important part would be that using focus would greatly increase weapon accuracy and defense by a noticeable amount for a certain number of combat rounds. Also focus could use stamina or stamina and a small amount of spell points which wallows for use of the focus skill when a players spell points gets low. Also it could possible work similar to the kick skill but with a nice weapon wack as an attack. Also focus might have a cool down counter for say once a round of so. So generally Focus or say Combat Focus would be a medium attack and an attack buff and may show focused as an affect in affects.