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Is it just me as I have not played for a long time?

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Posted 18 September 2022 - 05:50 PM

 Is it just me or did there seem to be a lot less players playing or online less after the store buying value reduction crash for players selling in game farmed items to stores. I kind of understand lowering the 100k keys etc but other items might not have been a good thing.


I do remember that after the shop buying items market crass from drastically has changed the amount of value items available in store where before you could find a lot of nice items just in regular stores especially at lower levels for items like axe of Dreams etc.


Now I am noticing less items in vendor search as a while ago I was looking for a stone skin scroll and there was none.


I used to farm all the time back in the day and kind of enjoyed leveling up hunting for items and making them available for other players. As for the making a fair bit of money farming, there are other ways of making as much or more.  


 As I have said is it just me as I kind of stopped playing after the farm item market crash?


Edit:  My bad this was intended for the General Discussion section.